WASI has been engaged in the service of conservation from 1972. Conserving the Mahseer as an apex species has been our cherished goal and we thereby extend protection to the entire riverine ecosystem, including the kaleidoscope of Wildlife that is dependent on the health of our rivers. WASI pioneered the use of "catch and release" angling for conservation and research in India. As a non-profit organization, proceeds from our activities go towards the hiring of anti-poaching staff and for conservation activities along specific river stretches under our care. More recently, our increasing focus on research and conservation has resulted in several active collaborations and projects. We currently work across multiple field sites in southern India to gather data relevant to taxonomy, habitat specificity and fish densities. Leading towards a Conservation Action Plan specific to the Cauvery Mahseer.

Painted Jezebels (Galibore)
Elephants on the river (Haira)
Brown Hawk Owl (Galibore)
Rose Ringed Parakeet (Cottage area)
WASI Guards at the cottage
Grizzled Giant Squirrel (Galibore)
Golden Mahseer (Ramganga)
Angling on the Cauvery